Talking with the client, and researching more about radon mitigation, I learned that radon levels are measured in picoCuries.(The curie is a unit of radioactivity named after Pierre and Madam Marie Curie.) Together we came up with the name of the company, with a play on words, changing picoCurie to pico•CURE, referencing this company’s ability to “cure” or mitigate the radon situation.

The bold sans serif font was chosen to give the feel of a periodic table of elements. The process of radon mitigation in homes is a very simple one, that includes PVC and a fan system that basically directs the gases up through the ground/sump pump in the basement, with the use of the fan and is directed to the highest point of the home, dissipating the gases, therefore reducing the effects of the gases on those living in the home.

I started with the radon symbol then created a fan like motion over the symbol creating the feel of dissipating the radon. This is an example of a logo that really hit the mark with what this company does.